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2018 - Celebrating a Bicentenary

Our new academy, adjacent to St. George’s Church and Beckenham Green, stands where the local school has stood for almost 200 years.

In March 1818, members of the local community decided to build two schoolrooms to teach the children of the village to read, write and count.  Those early classrooms were extended in 1906 and the school has had significant adaptations and alterations since then.

As the oldest school in Bromley still located on its original site, we are very proud of our building’s long history of educating local children. Today’s children enjoy a broad curriculum and the use of modern facilities, including interactive whiteboards and equipment that would have been unimaginable back in 1818.

Our heritage makes us unique – and we continue to believe in the importance of developing self-sufficient and independent pupils, ready to face the challenges of today.

We will be organising special events to celebrate 200 years as a local school in the heart of Beckenham Green. Watch this space for more information.