Day 2 for our Y2 team - more fuel to energise the children and adults for this morning's test. Thank you Dee for the lovely breakfast! Wishing everyone the best for today!


Our Y6 team are enjoying their SATs week breakfast together - children and adults! Thanks to Dee for preparing toast, rolls, fruit and juice to energise everyone for the week. Wishing everyone all the best!


Here are some of Y1 Dolphins giving their BEST efforts at their henna workshop. Good to see them concentrating really hard as they try to replicate the intricate Mehndi patterns!


Today is celebration of consistently good pupil behaviour. This half term's workshop explores culture, pattern and colour - using acrylic henna to decorate gift boxes. Great concentration and skill needed! Here are some proud Jellyfish children showing their work.


What an amazing day Y4! The trials of tackling the maze might have confused some, but not our adventurous team, who tackled it so well they all made it out for lunch! Looking forward to welcoming them back soon!


Our Y4 adventurers are up (if not wide-awake😄) after a good sleep. Everyone is dressed, starting to pack, tidy up, clean and then it will be time for breakfast. Lots to do before they can tackle the maze! Looking forward to seeing them at 3pm.


Amazing abseilers! More fun from today for Y4 Great to see fears being faced, tackled and overcome by children and staff! We loved the query about these 'unfinished' towers... with ladders inside instead of stairs/lifts😃


Goodnight from all Y4 adventurers - hot chocolate has been drunk and everyone's in bed. A late night swim followed tonight's delicious dinner (thanks to dinner team!) Spot the future hockey players in action earlier today. Sleep tight all!


Huge thanks to the avid readers of who bought more than £500 of books from our Book Fair. and enjoyed selecting 48 new books for our KS2 classes - costing £250. Can't wait to start browsing...


A brilliant day of energetic activity for staff and children alike! Good to see the sun shining on everyone! Look at those determined faces and strong muscles... take aim!


Good morning! A good sleep was had by all, so staff & Y4 adventurers are ready for another day of action! Fuelled by a hearty breakfast, they even managed to fit in another game before getting ready for their morning of archery & abseiling. Great to see such energy!


A fun afternoon, rounded off by free time with some amazing chilly discoveries! Indoor paper plane battles were followed by dead lions, leaving everyone ready for a delicious dinner! With renewed energy, team quizzes were tackled before bedtime called. Goodnight all!


Y4 adventurers climbing to new heights! Still looks chilly up there! Not as much snow left as we thought... Good to see them having challenging fun!


Here are the well-wrapped Y4 team arriving at their base, awaiting instructions! Once packing and lunch are finished, then they are off to the high ropes - a great way to stay warm!


The Y4 adventurers have arrived safely, abandoned their luxury coach and are settling into their log cabin. Time to unpack, sort out rooms and belongings, recovering from wobbly tummies before they make their lunch. Then it's the high ropes!


And they're off! 🚌 packed full of excited Y4 children, all enjoying the wonderful warmth! Cases and bags safely stashed in hold - should be unpacking by playtime in school. Great farewell from families!


So excited about start of our tomorrow! Can't wait to see what will be in the bookcases! parents/carers - remember your wallets for 3pm Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!


Good to see response on Friday to request to repaint double yellow & zigzag lines outside 🚸Thank you! 🙏Pedestrians will be able to walk along St George's Road and use zebra crossing safely.


After a good night's sleep, the team were up early, ready for a hearty breakfast and packing up. Although it is raining, they will still be having fun on the maze challenge. Looking forward to seeing them later this afternoon!


Ready for a good night's sleep, after enjoying post-swimming, chilled-out hot chocolate and biscuit break. Think sleep will come quickly for some, following today's abseiling, archery, free-time games and evening of swimming! Anyone recognise this Robin Hood?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Learning at our Academy

The aim of our teachers is always to deliver lessons that children enjoy and that motivate them to achieve.

We believe that all learning should be creative, not just arts subjects.  In all lessons, children are encouraged to strive for excellence.

We want all of our pupils to be confident readers, writers and mathematicians. Our teachers make sure these areas, as well as the rest of the National Curriculum, are taught in ways that engage the natural sense of curiosity that children have.

The result of this is that children become eager, confident pupils who understand the joy of learning and are prepared well for academic success.


We chose literacy as our specialism because we believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively underpins all learning. Reading is taught through the teaching of traditional phonics and children are encouraged to read for pleasure and take books home.Our chosen phonics scheme is Read, Write Inc. We use Power of Reading texts to deliver class Reading and Writing lessons, that also link to each half term's topic. 


Maths is taught through a mastery approach where children benefit from a deep understanding of the subject through concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. We use Effective Maths to support Maths teaching and learning, with opportunities for whole class, oral, practical and partner practice opportunities, as well as individual varied learning.

Non-core Subjects

All these subjects are taught in an exciting and creative way that taps into children’s life experiences. Each class completes a half-termly topic, from the International Primary Curriculum, which forms the basis for non-core subject learning. Each topic starts with a knowledge harvest, to glean the children's current understanding and then moves on to consider new knowledge and skills. The children enjoy each launch day, often including dressing up, bringing in artefacts, or a workshop or visiting a topic-related venue. The children are encouraged to continue their learning at home with activity-based learning menus, which our families organise and complete in time for the end of each topic. The home learning projects form part of the end of topic celebration and are shared with other classes.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


All about me


Traditional tales



Growing and changing

Year 1

How are you?

From A to B

Paws, claws and whiskers

Moon zoom

Flowers and insects

Our world

Year 2

Super human

People from the past

Muck, mess and mixtures

Wriggle and crawl

Land ahoy!


Year 3

How humans work

Scavengers and settlers

Urban pioneers

Gateways to the world

Let’s plant it

Time and place

Year 4

Nature of life


Misty Moutain Sierra

Bright sparks

Temples, tombs and treasures

Land, sea and sky

Year 5

The great, the bold and the brave

Making materials

Making things go

Growing up

What a wonderful world

Go with the flow

Year 6

Climate control


Being human

Time tunnel

Out of Africa



An Academic Head Start 

As children progress through the school, one of our aims is to make sure we give them a ‘head start’ for the rest of their education. 

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