Vanishing points, orthogonal lines, horizons... Do you know what they are? Our Year 5 children sure do! We have thought about how Van Gogh used these in his art, and have created some amazing perspective drawings of our classrooms in art.


Attenborough class have been busy making animal faces. We have had an amazing time making them.


A problem shared is a problem halved, and here at Beckenham Green we wholeheartedly encourage our students to feel confident to share any anxieties. We have been reading ’ ‘Ruby’s Worry’ which eloquently communicates this to all year groups.


Good morning, our Year 4 class are currently reading Varjak Paw, and love it. It would be such an amazing opportunity for them if you could pay them a virtual visit, if you could squeeze us in? Thank you!


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Year 6 have been learning about classification in science. This morning they have been classifying sweets by their features 🍬


Here in Year 5, after smiling through the technical issues, we have Ryan with us (virtually!) introducing the children to the play leaders course.


*Parent reminder* This Friday, 18th September, is ‘Jeans for Genes’ day. 1 in 25 children have a genetic disorder globally, so let’s do our part by all donating £1 if we can, and wearing our best denim to help this worthwhile cause.


Should a manned spacecraft be sent to Mars? Our Year 5s will be arguing for and against this. What do you think?


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For anyone who's reading Varjak Paw at the moment - or anyone who wants to know more about - here's a resource that might be interesting...


As part of our ongoing online safety awareness, and have teamed up to produce a handy guide for parents on all things social media.


Promoting the love of reading is something integral for us all here at Beckenham Green. What better way than to give each class a reading journal, so we can all share our favourite books? Meet Elvis- where is he off to next?


An example of the work being produced by Year 1 and Mrs V.


We will! Thank you 🐈


Year 2 have been named after the pioneering neuro-orthopaedic veterinary surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick.


Year 1 this academic year are named after , a famous astronaut! We are excited to be blasting off this year!


Meanwhile in Year 5, we enjoyed our 'launch' (pun intended) of our book, Cosmic. We came in dressed like the protagonist, Liam Digby, and wrote letters to arguing why they should be chosen to lift off into space! 🚀


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their book Launch day, and Mrs V even dressed up as superwoman to capture the children's imaginations


Year 4 are reading the epic 's Varjak Paw. We can't wait to see the children displaying the way of Jalal.


Year 2 have the pleasure of reading The Secret of Black Rock by the amazing author/illustrator . Will they ever learn the truth of that mysterious black rock? 🌊


Year 1 are reading 's Traction Man in September. I'm sure they will all be fashionably turned out.

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The staff team for September 2020 includes:

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Mrs Catley Head of Academy / Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Mr Boulton Year 5 teacher

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Mrs Murgatroyd Year 2 teacher
Mrs Vieites Year 1 teacher
Miss Aylen Reception teacher
Mrs Jarrett EYFS consultant
Mr Kelly PE teacher / Science teacher
Ms Bhowmick Maths consultant
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Ms Rayment Teaching Assistant
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Miss Drusilla Classroom support assistant
Mrs Petrie Classroom support assistant
Mrs Snelgrove SENCO
Ms Broad Midday Supervisor
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Mr Davies Premises Officer
Miss Fleet School Office / Finance Officer / Health and Safety lead
Mrs Wright School Office Administrator