Year 5 have been busy hanging bird boxes in our new forest school. Now for some birdseed!


As part of Year 5’s art unit on sculpture, we have made some maquettes based on Henry Moore’s sculptures. We drew them and then made them out of play dough (Thank you YR!). We can’t wait to make our final pieces!


🌈 We are especially proud of our Year 6 children, who have finished their SATs tests today. We couldn’t be prouder of our staff, parents and brilliant children who have applied themselves phenomenally well throughout this week. A group of superstars! 💫


Good luck to our amazing Year 6 children who have their SATs this week. You are all superstars!


Year One had a virtual visit from the National Gallery on Friday! We were taken around the gallery, with paintings and sculptures from famous artists on display.


Last week, some of our year 5 children were selected to represent our school in a ‘Quad Kids’ athletics competition. Our children represented our school so brilliantly. Well done!


Ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we have planted 3 crab apple trees. These three will form part of the Queen's Green Canopy. A nationwide project to plant native trees. 👑🌳🌿


As a part of Year 5’s unit in English, the children have been innovating sentences from Louis Sachar’s There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom. We have been building our vocabulary and superb description to create some outstanding writing!


🌈 Year 5 have visited the residents of Sloane House as we have been making links with the local community. The Year 5s impressed with their fantastic reading and the residents all loved their visit.


🌈 What a fantastic first week back for our children and staff. We topped off our week with our first use of our forest school: reception and year 1 enjoyed making medallions, using our mud kitchen and playing games!


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Year 2 and 6 teachers from HPAS, HPABG and HPABe met today for writing moderation. Fantastic opportunity for professional dialogue.


🌳 🪵 A HUGE thank you to our parents and staff who gave up their Saturday to come in and help construct our forest school. We can’t wait to show it to the children after a well deserved Easter break. See you soon!


🎺 Our year 4 children have been busy this week learning the trumpet or clarinet as part of ‘The Band On The Run!’ have been amazing, and we look forward to sharing our performance tomorrow at 3pm. All are invited!


🐣 Here are some photos of our Year 1 children, who were lucky enough to be given a guided tour of St George’s Church, Beckenham! Thank you Father Jeremy for telling us all about Lent and Easter. It has helped us with this term’s RE learning!


It was special to be all together again at St George’s church for an amazing Easter service. With thanks to St George’s, and to Father Jeremy who also gave some of our children a tour afterwards. Thank you also to our amazing parents for coming to what was a fantastic spectacle!


📖 📚 Tomorrow is the last day of our book fair! We are outside Year 1 from 3.20-3.50.


Whilst the rest of Years 4 and 5 travelled back from an epic outdoor experience at Carroty Wood, the other children brought Carroty Wood right here to Beckenham! We took part in an immersive forest school at and buried our time capsule in our gardens


🥕 🪵 The start of our final day here at Carroty Wood. The children have enjoyed breakfast and are about to start our last day of activities. We can’t wait to see you later!


🥕 🪵 Some photos from day 2! The children took part in some amazing activities, including abseiling, bushcraft and archery! We finished the day with a night time walk around the site. Our torches came in handy!


For the children who have remained at school with us, we have had a busy day! We started the day with bowling, had a picnic in the gardens and then prepared our time capsule to bury.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our curriculum has been designed to ensure comprehensive coverage of the National Curriulum. In fact, due to our careful sequencing we are able to exceed these expectations in each of our subjects.  We use the National Curriculum as a starting point rather than a limit to what we cover in each subject. We have worked with our partner schools across the Federation, and our central team of subject experts, to build our own curriculum. We build on the work of external experts for our phonics, reading and mathematics teaching. All other subjects are taught using our in house plans and progression. Each subject is taught discretely and weekly to support children in remembering the key knoweldge and skills they need to fulfil our intent.

Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Beckenham Green, as we recognise that excellent reading skills unlock the possibiites of the rest of the curriculum for our children. We have specialist teaching for science and PE and work with the British Council to deliver our Mandarin teaching, which starts in Reception rather than in Year 3- an example of how we are able to exceed the standard expectations of learning in  a primary school. We are clear that the start of the curriculum journey for each subejct begins in EYFS, so whilst still following the EYFS framework, the foundations of each subject are carefully sequenced in Reception.

We have a mastery mindset for every subject- meaning we have the same high expectations for every child- scaffolding and supporting the least able to enable them to meet each objective. For us, mastery means that children are able to articulate their learning, make links between knowledge they have learnt in different subjects and rememeber the key knowledge and skills required to be a master in each subject. At HPABG mastery also means deepening children's knowledge and understanding rather than accelerating them through the curriculum. For example, our most able mathematicians won't ever move on to the maths that is expected of the next year group, instead they will develop a deeper understading of the current year groups objectives. This is a decision we have made as we approach our curriculum as a narrative model. The analaogy we use is this- You can't understand Chapter 5 of a book if you havent already read Chapters 1-4. As such, the deeper the understanding of Year 4 maths objectives we can give our children the better prepared they will be for the demands of the Year 5 maths objectives. We apply this model to every subject in the curriculum. 

We have developed a range of strategies that we use across all of our curriculum subejcts that help us to ensure that chidren know more and remember more as they move through our curriculum.

We look forward to offering you the opportunity to talk to our children about their learning when you come to visit us on an open morning.

We use Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc programme to deliver our phonic teaching. you can find more information about the scheme at

SMSC and British values are thread throughout our curriculum so that they become an integral part of our curriuculum planning and implementation.

Please see below our intent statement.The intent document shares with you what we hope for all our children by the time they leave us, and the curriculum coverage outlines how we implement our intents. We will be very happy to share more detailed information about the sequence of knowledge, understanding and skills we intend our children to learn when you visit us in school. Our EYFS class follows a separate intent, that feeds in to our whole school intent.