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🎢Chessington🎢 - Part 2. Today, Year 6 went to Chessington for a day full of fun, laughter and celebration after an amazing effort each student has dedicated to their SATs this week.


🎢Chessington🎢 Today, Year 6 went to Chessington for a day full of fun, laughter and celebration after an amazing effort each student has dedicated to their SATs this week. Here is just a taster of what they got up to before they return!


🎢Chessington🎢 Today, Year 6 went to Chessington for a day full of fun, laughed and celebration after an amazing effort each student has dedicated to their SATs this week. Here is just a taster of what they got up to before they return!


📚✨ We're thrilled to announce that author will be joining us at Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green on Wed, 22nd May! 🎉 Get ready for an inspiring assembly and writing workshops. 🖊️ And, don't miss her fantastic book sale at 3:30pm the same day! 📖💼


🤩Wow 🤩 Check out these independent pieces of writing from 🐢Sea Turtle Class🐢 it’s hard to believe these two reception children wrote about a time that they were both very brave.A huge hooray from us at HPABG and I think you would all agree escalators can be quite frightening!


📚✨ Some of our Year 5 Stingray class had a fantastic time at Bellissima Nursery today! They shared their favourite stories with the pre-schoolers, spreading the love of reading and inspiring some future reception students. 🌟📖


🌿🐜 Exciting afternoon at Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green! Year 2 Angelfish class got hands-on with science by building a bug hotel! 🏠🐞 They learned about ecosystems and the importance of insects in our environment. Great job, Y2 Angelfish Class! 🌍🔬


🌿🔬 Y5 Stingray Class's Science trip to Beckenham Place Park! 🌳 Our curious Y5s dived into the world of botany, mastering the art of identifying trees and plants 🌺🍃. They even learned how to conduct scientific tree reports! 📝 A day full of hands-on Science learning.


🌿🐛 Today in Forest School, our Reception Sea Turtle class got crafty with tools, creating a charming caterpillar from hazel wood! 🛠️ They also harvested leaves to ensure our little wooden friend won't go hungry. 🍃 Learning, creativity, and fun all rolled into one!


🎨🐢 Exciting day at Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green! We were thrilled to have artist @ Boyarde lead a vibrant art workshop for our Reception sea turtle class. The children loved using paints to design their own colourful bags! 🖌️👜


🌍📏 Year 4 Octopus Class had an amazing Geography trip to Beckenham Place Park! They dived into learning about rivers by measuring the velocity and width of the River Ravensbourne. 🏞️💧 A hands-on experience that brought their lessons to life!


Exciting news from HPABG! 🎉 Some of our talented students had the amazing opportunity to be part of the back to school advert campaign! 📚👟 These innovative shoes are not just comfy but also help enhance concentration in class! Thank you !


🦆💦 Splish-splash! Our adorable ducklings had a delightful swim with Year 1 Tiger Shark class this sunny afternoon! 🌞🌊


🌞📚 This summer at Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green is packed with fun! Don't miss our🏃‍♂️ Sports Days and🎉 Summer Fair! Mark your calendars 🗓️ and join us for these exciting events. We can't wait to see you there!


I shared the first chapter of Stitch with some great readers yesterday and they were absolutely spellbound!


🌱👩‍🌾 This morning at Forest School, our Reception Sea Turtle Class enjoyed planting vegetables and exploring the mud kitchen! 🥕🍅 Hands in the dirt, smiles on faces, and nature at their fingertips. A perfect day for our reception! 🌼


🌟 Exciting morning at Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green! 🎭 Our EYFS and KS1 students had so much fun in our drama workshops, bringing their favourite fairy tales and stories to life! 📚✨


🌟 We were delighted to have Sixth formers from Harris Bromley join us for a special mentoring session with our Year 6 girls who are gearing up to join the academy next year. A fantastic start to their transition! 📚👭


🌟 Today, Year 4 Octopus Class had an enlightening workshop on social media use with Isabel from Street Law ! 📱👩‍🏫 Students learned the importance of responsible online behaviour and how it can impact their future careers. Thank you for the valuable lessons! 💼🚀


🎶🐠 A video of our Year 5 Stingray class singing with musician in residence, Andy from ! 🎤👏

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Ethos and values

Excellence: every child, every day

Whatever a child’s background or starting point, we want to make sure that they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. We are committed to ensuring that every child meets their potential and discovers a love of learning. 

Our school has a positive learning environment where children know the behaviour that is expected of them. They are frequently praised and rewarded for trying their best and for demonstrating one of our school values which are to always be:




We do so by delivering a rich and academic curriculum that enables pupils to read, write, speak and ask questions across a broad range of subjects.  

As they experience achievement and success, our pupils cultivate a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. They work hard to continue to achieve success and satisfy their curiosity.  

Curriculum at the centre 

Children come to school to be taught and learn. Therefore, we ensure that we have a clear rationale for: 

  • What we teach  
  • Why we teach it  
  • When we teach it 

13 subjects make up our curriculum. Each subject is valued as a powerful discipline that can help shape our pupils’ future.   

In all subjects, the content is meticulously sequenced to ensure that it builds sequentially and in-depth. The teaching of content is complemented by enriching experiences beyond the classroom. 

We are committed to ensuring that there is equality, diversity and inclusion of different lived experiences across the curriculum. We believe that all our pupils should be able to make sense of their own experiences, and those of people in their community and beyond.  

Exceptional Teaching 

We aim to deliver our curriculum to the highest standards, to ensure that all children achieve success.  

All our staff strive to constantly improve their practice. We talk about teaching. We observe teaching. And we read about teaching to keep up to date with the latest research.

This is supported by a rigorous, evidence-based CPD programme, based upon a shared understanding of the principles of exceptional practice. Our staff partake in weekly training sessions, and also receive weekly, individualised feedback on their practice through an instructional coaching model.  

Exemplary Learning Behaviours 

We insist on the highest standards of behaviour to create an environment where all pupils feel safe, happy and able to succeed. We adopt a simple and consistent behaviour curriculum that all pupils can understand and adhere to. At the heart of this, is the public celebration of positive choices, attitudes and achievements.  

We have a zero-tolerance towards bullying, or discrimination of any kind. The importance of respecting and valuing others is taught across our curriculum, particularly PSHE.  

Partnership with Parents 

As soon as your child joins our school, we hope to build a strong partnership with you. We know that together, we can achieve so much more for your child. We will always listen, share and advise on the achievements, strengths and needs of your child. Every family has something to offer our community. 

Supporting the Community

Every year group has a responsibility for supporting our local community; some examples include our year 3 children take part in a half-termly litter pick, year 4 children who volunteer at the food bank, year 5 who read with children at the local nursery and year 6 who read with the residents of Sloane House Care Home.  We feel passionately that our children understand the importance of community and the positve impact that they can have on it.